These are pictures of my mother’s little dog “Cuddles” that I painted several years ago. I selected the 3 photos to show how a frame can express your loving pet.

Picture #1 without a frame can be hung as it is. The painting in itself captures the natural personality of your pet.

In the second picture a dark pewter frame is chosen which makes the dog appear as she is looking out the window ready to speak to you any moment. There is “action” in the subject, for the dark frame¬†draws attention to her eyes which are full of life.

The third picture has a silver frame which enhances the silver tones in the pets coat creating a quiet, peaceful, angelic feeling.

My mother chose the silver frame. She said it gave a “Heavenly” appearance to her little dog which made her “smile” every time she looked at her, for there are many fond memories of “Cuddles”.


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